Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kitchen Renovation Saga Part 2

I have my old stove hooked up, and a kitchen sink held up by studs. Oh yeah, I also have a “work space” that measures about a foot and a half across. My refrigerator resides down hall in the sun room. My pots and pans hang out in the dining room. But it’s so wonderful to be able to cook that I don’t care (okay, I occasionally spit out a cuss word or two, like, when I can’t find my potholders). The sink became leak-free and operational on Sunday. We celebrated with brunch – bacon, scrambled eggs, and hash browns (the potatoes were the frozen variety, but frying in bacon grease can improve most items). We imbibed Mimosas made with Grandin sparkling wine (a French bubbly from Limoux) and low acid OJ.

Last night I reveled in the smell of onions sautéed in olive oil. I used the onions to make spaghetti sauce complete with garlic sausage from The Belmont Butchery. I’m having leftovers tonight.

Next up for my hubby – figure out how to level the kitchen floor so we can lay ceramic tile.

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BML said...

Isn't it nice when you have been doing a kitchen renovation for a long time to get back into the room and cook! Same kind of goes for a bathroom renovation -- to get back in and take a shower is also very pleasant.