Sunday, May 05, 2013

Brixton Market - South London

The last time we were in London we hit the Portobello Market that was made even more famous in the movie Notting Hill. This time we wanted to check out some different markets and so we went by Undergound to Brixton. Very easy to get to and once we came out of the Tube Station, the Brixton Market was easy to find via signs.

The market sported Caribbean and African influences and was a combination of flea, food, crafts, and vintage. We arrived fairly early to take in the offerings.

Brixton Market

Fresh Chicken



All Mannaer of Kitchen Items

Market Plants

Brixton Colors

Shopping for Treasures

A section of the market is called Brixton Village and is covered (but not heated). Once again the building contained a wide variety of stores, but it also had a number of small kitchens/eateries where the kitchen was housed in the storefront and folks ate outside. Each place had creatively staked out their eating spots and there was a huge variety of choices from Mexican to seafood to brunch to barbeque. And after noon on a Saturday this place heated up with (mostly younger) Londoners arriving to enjoy the good eats.

Brixton Village




Saturday Eats

We chose The Joint which featured slow cooked pulled pork on freshly baked fig and vanilla sourdough buns.

The Joint
We decided to try London BBQ
Drink Me
I loved the little nod to Alice in Wonderland
Table for Three
Storefront Operation
Hush Puppies
The Hush Puppies were served wrapped and tagged
Hush Puppies Sauced
And sauced! The insides contained bits of corn, but did not taste as cornmeally as the ones here. Still yummy, however.
British Pulled Pork - Asian Style
We tried the Asian version of the pulled pork with Asian slaw and pickled ginger. The portions were large and hard to eat without getting messy. We had a pile of used napkins at the end. The pork was indeed slow-cooked. Not too much of a smokey flavor, but the pickled ginger was a brilliant addition. I'll need to figure out had to incorporate this into my next roast pork.
The market was a lot of fun and a great place to chow down and people watch.

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