Sunday, March 29, 2015

Petit Pois in Charlottesville

While you may not be looking for a classic French boite when you visit Charlottesville, your taste buds will miss out if you overlook Petit Pois. A tiny spot situated on the Downtown Mall treated our palate and the rest of us very well.

Petit Pois
Green is the color scheme at Petit Pois
Petit Pois Bar
The tiny bar at Petit Pois
The menu contains many French classics with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. The menu also changes based on season and sourcing.

We experienced Petit Pois during the height of Winter and selected a couple of hearty dishes from the lunch menu.

The Steak Frites delighted. Medium rare and so tender. It was just the right size and came with a lovely side salad and delicious fries.

Petit Pois Steak Frites
Extremely tender steak
And the Cassoulet was perfection. The crock bubbled upon presentation with the white beans cooked through (thank goodness!) and chunks of chicken, duck, and sausage. The chicken was a bit surprising, but Petit Pois sources chickens from Polyface Farm and after cooking the chicken they pull it apart so the cassoulet contained large shredded chunks of tasty poultry. A wonderful meal on a day when snow still blanketed the ground.

Petit Pois Cassoulet
Hearty fare for a cold day in Winter
We had a nice French wine from Languedoc. While lunch prices were fairly reasonable given the ingredients and preparation, wine prices were a bit higher than I would have liked. But, of course, the meal begged for wine, and we succumbed.

Chateau Camplazens La Garrigue
A nice compliment to the meal

As we finished our entrees, we lingered and decided to close out lunch with a cheese plate. There was a variety of cheese options including a house-made boursin.

Petit Pois Cheese Plate
A lovely ending to a delicious meal
Ah, c'est magnifique! Very happy taste buds.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Shoryuken Ramen - Go Before It's Sold Out

It took us two tries to get in and we still had to wait for a table. But Shoryuken Ramen was delicious and well worth the effort.

From now until the end of April they have taken over Lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays. Go early. Prepare to wait. Go next door to Supper to have a drink or a brew. Get seated. Slurp those noodles and that wonderful broth.

Shoryuken Ramen
Ramen Heaven
Arriving early is key; on most nights they sell out.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Urban Farmhouse in Scott's Addition

We had lovely Country Ham and Egg Sandwiches for brunch at The Urban Farmhouse in Scott's Addition. A simple, yet satisfying meal accompanied by an iced coffee.

Ham and Egg Sandwich

We loved the open airy space and the patio for outside dining. So glad to have this Farmhouse in the Scott's Addition neighborhood.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

McCormack's Big Whiskey Grill

Yes, go to McCormack's Big Whiskey Grill. The converted Texas de Brazil dining room is a bit cavernous, so the the next time we go we plan on cozying up to the bar. Another reason to be at the bar - gazing at all of the offerings and obtaining knowledge from the bartender. While our waiter was very nice, he was not familiar with most of the bourbons and whiskies. I grant you the menu contains a goodly number, but the waiter indicated that there wasn't, as yet, an educational program for the staff (I hope that changes). I would love to be able to pair some of the whiskies with the food options.

Putting aside my picky observations, we enjoyed our outing.

McCormack's Big Whiskey Grill
Western touches add to the atmosphere of the restaurant.
As I pondered the dinner selections I enjoyed a Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, neat. Smooth with delightful vanilla tones. My kind of bourbon.

I ordered a Nashville Style Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich. Get your mouth in line because the bird was hot! and crispy and delicious.So nice to see (and taste!) that extra touch of grilling the bun.

Nashville Style Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich
Hot and awesome!
Great food. A whiskey for every taste. Saddle up and go west people for some whiskey and grub. Anyone want to be my designated driver?